Simulating an Alarm via the Teldio Edge Gateway

Follow the steps below to simulate an alarm and test an output from the Teldio Edge Gateway. 

Before you begin

  1. Create the output module that you would want to test

Setting up the Behavior for the Simulator

  1. On the Teldio Edge Gateway, go to Actions / Behaviors
  2. Create a new Behavior with the following 'Trigger' settings
  3. Optional: If you want to set up multiple Behaviors to test many outputs, use the 'Filter' field to set up a rule to filter by either the code or the text field which the simulator will populate when a Simulator event is triggered.
  4. Under 'Action', select the output module and the action that you would like to test. The following example shows the MOTOTRBO Control Station and Radio Text as an example
  5. Under 'Configure Action' fill in the fields to match the device that should get the output. You can either manually fill in the fields or use the 'code' or 'text variables. The following example shows sending the 'text' from the simulator to the radio with ID 102.


Sending a Simulator Event

  1. Once the Behavior is setup, go to Settings/Simulator
  2. Enter in the Text and a Code or just simply press 'Send Simulation Event' 

 NOTE: you can set up multiple Behaviors to test many outputs by using the contents of the 'code' or 'text' fields in the 'Filter' step of the Behaviors.