Motorola Repeater IP Connection

Follow the steps below to setup an IP connection between the TEG and your Motorola Repeaters

The following items are required in order to setup an IP connection between the TEG and your Motorola Repeaters


  • Motorola Repeater System

    • Network Application Interface Data license added to every repeater in system
    • Master Repeater IP

    • Master Repeater UDP Port

  • Windows Computer (virtual or physical) with Windows 10 or higher. Windows Server OS versions also supported
  • Applications
    • Motorola MNIS Gateway and DDMS Applications 
    • Teldio's Direct Repeater Connection for Teldio GW (WCP Server) Application
    • Teldio Edge Gateway with Teldio AMS
  • Network Connection between the Repeaters, Windows Computer and the Teldio Edge Gateway

Setup Instructions

Motorola Repeaters

  • General / Network
    • Ensure the Ethernet IP/Gateway IP and Gateway Netmask are set under the Network Setting section
  • General / Link Establishment
    • Ensure Link Type is set to Master or Peer
    • Note down set Master IP and Master UDP port

Windows Computer

  • MNIS Configuration
    • Install Motorola MNIS and Motorola DDMS. These programs can be obtained from Motorola's online portal by a Radio Dealer.
    • Open MNIS and Create a New Configuration
    • General
      • Select the System Operation Mode
      • Set a unique ID. Teldio recommends 5980
      • Set MNIS IP address to
    • Security
      • If Privacy keys are used in the system, add it to this section
    • Operation Mode
      • Select either Conventional, Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus to match your Radio Network mode
      • Enter in the IP of the Master Repeater
      • Enter in the UDP port of the Master Repeater
      • If using an Authentication Key, add it to the Authentication Key section
    • Advanced
      • Disable Data Call Confirmed
      • Set Compressed UDP Data Header to match the setting in the Radio Network
      • Click the Save button and when prompted name the instance to a name of your choice
      • Click the Play/Start button to start the MNIS service.
  • Teldio Application Configuration
    • If the server was purchased from Teldio, the following steps will already be done and you can skip to the Teldio Edge Gateway section. If not, follow the steps below
    • Download and install the the following file: 
    • Open the installed WCP Configurator:
      • Go to Tools/License and apply the license sent by Teldio
      • On the Radio Network Tab set/check the following fields. Rest can be left as is: 
        • Radio Network Type: Motorola, Mototrbo
        • Connect Using: MNIS and DDMS
        • MNIS IP address: (must match what you set in MNIS configuration)
        • MNIS Control Interface Port: 55000
      • On the Thick Clients Tab, edit the existing client and change the following fields
        • Name: TEG
        • Client ID: 59
        • Permissions: Enable allow Sending Messages  
      • Go to File / Save For WCP Server and when prompted, choose Start or Restart Server option

Teldio Edge Gateway

  • Module Configuration
    • Log In to your TEG
    • Go to Settings and under MODULES, select Add Module
    • Search for 'TruFleet' and then click ADD
    • Set the following and then click 'SAVE': 
      • Name: <Set a name or leave as is>
      • Host running TruFleet: <Set to the IP of the Windows Computer>
      • Port for the host running TruFleet: 7521
      • Unique Client ID: 59
    • Once saved, the TruFleet module will show a green checkmark next to it to show that it can connect to the WCP Server.