Teldio Edge Gateway | Radio Emergency via Motorola Emergency Feature

This article outlines the TEG's Motorola Emergency Alarm Integration

The TEG can receive Motorola Emergency messages in order to raise alarms and events. 


  • An XPR 5000 series mobile radio connected to the TEG (this can be the existing Mobile radio that's being used for other TEG functionalities) 
  • The Mobile radio must be set up to receive and acknowledge the Motorola Emergency

CPS Set up for Radios raising Emergency

  • The Motorola Emergency should be set up as follows: 
    • Alarm Type: Silent
    • Mode: Emergency Alarm
    • Impolite Retries: 1 or less
    • Polite Retries: 1 or less

Teldio Edge Gateway Setup

  • The Following steps provides an overview of how the Emergency integration is set up on the TEG. For a more detailed guide, see the TEG Configuration Guide
  • General Steps:
    • Each Radio user that's raising an Emergency must be added as a Radio ID contact under 'People'
    • Under Behaviors
      • Set the Trigger Module as 'Teldio Events'
      • Set the Trigger Event as 'emergency'