Teldio Edge Gateway | USB SMS Dongle

A guide highlighting the steps required to use the USB SMS Dongle with the Teldio Edge Gateway (TEG)


  1. 1 MicroSIM card with an active plan:
    1. The TEG is compatible with USB Dongles using GSM based MicroSIM cards. United States carriers AT&T and Tmobile are accepted. We cannot use Verizon MicroSIM cards with the TEG.
    2. For Canada, Rogers and Telus are compatible carriers to acquire an active MicroSIM card.
  2. Purchase USB SMS Gateway Module from Teldio Representative
    1. Once P.O. is received and processed, we will ship you a Alcatel IK41UC LTE USB Dongle.

Preparing the USB Dongle:

  1. Remove the cap covering the USB connector on the Dongle:
  2. Remove the back cover of the USB Dongle:
  3. Insert your MicroSIM in the orientation shown on the SIM port:
  4. Ensure the MicroSIM is securely in place then reattach the back plate of the USB Dongle.
  5. Your USB Dongle is ready for installation onto the TEG.

Installing USB SMS Gateway Module on TEG:

  1. Plug the USB SMS Dongle into the TEG.
  2. Login to the gateway and go to the Settings/ Modules section and click Add Module:
  3. In the Add Module section click ADD on the USB SMS Gateway module:
  4. Go to settings and under the Modules section select USB SMS Gateway to bring up the configuration menu:
  5. Click Save in the configuration menu and when you return to the Modules page you will have a Green Checkmark confirmed when the USB Dongle is connected to the internet:

USB Dongle LED Light Indicators/ Troubleshooting

Please follow the LED Indicator guide above to check the connection status of your USB Dongle.  When the Dongle is showing a constant Red light, unplug the Dongle, wait 30 seconds and plug in again to reset it. If the constant Red light continues, ensure the MicroSIM card has an active plan.