Teldio Edge Gateway | Man Down Programming Steps

Follow the steps below to program your XPR 7000 series radio with the Teldio Man Down Application

Items you will need: 
License set up (one time per computer on which the Programmer is installed)
  • Open the Programmer
  • Go to File/License
  • In the License Key field, copy paste the contents of the key.txt file.
  • In the License File field, browse to the provided license.dat file.
  • Press Save and then close the window.

Programming steps
  • Connect a portable radio to the computer and run the programmer.
    • The radio must already be programmed with the Teldio Edited codeplug and/or be on a channel that has the Option Board enabled.
  • On the 'Radio' tab type in the Radio ID, Radio IP and press Connect.
  • Go to the 'Firmware' tab select 'Auto-Select' and then press Program.
    • The Firmware till take about a minute to program and then will restart
  • Go to the 'Write' tab and under 'File Location', click on the white space to browse to the MDN Programming file provided and press Write.
    • This will write the MDN settings to the radio.
  • Disconnect the Radio and power cycle and press the button mapped to Option Board Feature 2 to bring up the MDN menu.