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Teldio R2R | Remote Audio Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a remote audio connection while using Teldio R2R

When configuring your computer to connect using RDP to a Teldio server, click the show options button on the bottom left of the screen:

This will bring you to the Remote Desktop Connection Configuration Menu. From here select the Local Resources tab:

Once in Local Resources, click the settings button under the Remote Audio section:

Under the Remote audio playback option, select 'Play on remote computer' and click Ok. Then click connect on the RDP menu to connect to the Teldio server.

*By setting the remote audio playback to 'play on remote computer' it is allowing the Teldio server to use its own audio resources and not the audio resources of your computer.

If you are using a Mac with RDP to access the Teldio Server, go to the Edit PC settings and in the Play sound drop down menu select 'On the remote PC' as shown below:

Click save and connect using RDP.