Twilio Integration (SMS)

This document provides details on how you can set up your Twilio account.

Configuration Guide

The Teldio Edge Gateway is able to send SMS Text Messages as alarms via hosted text messaging services. Teldio’s recommended SMS service is Twilio.

SMS Integration Overview


  • Active Twilio Account 
  • Internet connection for Teldio Edge Gateway

Costs (USD):

  • Latest Prices:
    • Dedicated Phone number: $1.00/month
    • Text Message: $0.0075/message
    • 100 Text messages a month will cost $1.00 for the number and $0.75 for the text messages for a total of $1.75.
  • Initial trial account receives a credit of $14. During the trial period, every recipient’s number must be verified before receiving messages.

Twilio Account Set up

The Teldio Edge Gateway uses Twilio’s ‘Programmable SMS’ offering to send alarms as SMS messages. The following section walks you through setting up your own Twilio account.

  1. Go to to set up an account and start a trial.
  2. A verification email will be sent to the entered email. Click on the link in the email to confirm the email address.
  3. As a second verification step, Twilio will ask you to enter in a cell phone number to receive a verification code. Enter in your cell phone number and click on ‘Verify’. Make sure to check the box at the bottom of the section to opt out of receiving onboarding support. Once you receive the text message with the code, enter it in to continue.

  4. At this point Twilio will ask you a series of questions to personalize your account.
    • Select ‘SMS’ under “Which Twilio product are you here to use?”
    • Select ‘Alerts & Notifications’ under “What do you plan to build with Twilio?”
    • Select ‘With no code at all’ under “How do you want to build with Twilio?”
    • Select the option that is best for you under “What is your goal today?”
    • Complete this section by clicking “Get started with Twilio.”
  5. You will now be taken to a page to connect to 3rd-party applications. On this page, click the option to ‘Get a trial phone number’.
  6. You will be assigned a random number. Your new number will appear in your Account Info as “My Twilio phone Number”. This is the number from which the alarms will be sent.
  7. Once a number is selected, you will be presented with an Account SID and will be able to access your Auth Token. The Account SID, Auth Token, and Twilio phone number will be displayed under the Account Info. Save these values to a secure location.
  8. To complete your Twilio Set up, click on ‘Upgrade’ next to the Trial balance at the top of the screen’. 

You will be required to enter your main address, tax information, preferred account balance, automatic balance top-up, and payment method.

Adding Twilio to the Teldio Edge Gateway

The saved Twilio Account SID and Auth Token must be added to the Teldio Edge Gateway to finalize the SMS integration. You can enter in this information to the Teldio Edge Gateway by accessing the Modules section of the gateway and entering in the SID and Token values in the respective fields.


For any questions, please contact Teldio Support at